About us

Good Source distinguishes ourselves from traditional broadliners by keeping food costs low while maintaining a high level of quality & service.
Our variety and depth of vendor partners gives us the ability to source food from recognized brands, quick-service restaurants and national manufacturers – which means we can offer a wide selection of food to fit any taste and budget.
We are a distribution expert servicing a broad range of markets: from corrections to elementary schools to culinary dining.
  • Extensive Coverage: Service markets throughout North & South America
  • Key Partnerships: Collaborate with manufacturers to formulate Good Source private branded products
  • Quality Selection: Procure goods from leading food manufacturers worldwide
  • Supportive Team: Work closely with customers on menu planning, portion control, sourcing & delivery

A Little History...

For a long time, manufacturers were forced to discard surplus food & non-food items. In 1989, Good Source Solutions founders began marketing surplus food to relief organizations, food banks & correctional institutions. Almost 1 million pounds of food, that otherwise would have been thrown away, was sold in our first year of business.
1996: Good Source acquires Northwest Distribution, a well-established distribution facility with service to K-12 schools & institutions throughout the Northwest region.
2002: Good Source acquires Harvest Farms, a HACCP certified, USDA & FDA approved facility providing food for retail, emergency & institutional feeding.
2014: Good Source acquires Dori Foods, a specialty foodservice distributor suppling food to K-12 schools, correctional facilities & military markets in the Mid-Atlantic region.
2015: Good Source acquires Pon Food Corporation, a broadline food distributor located in Louisiana suppling customers throughout the South. 

The Difference

More than 13 million tons of food are wasted each year in the United States alone. Good Source Solutions is motivated each and every day to provide sustainable solutions to make this number smaller. By adopting healthy food practices, we help decrease the size of landfills thus reducing the amount of methane gases released into the atmosphere to minimize our carbon footprint and reduce global warming effects.